MAS is not a provider of emergency accommodation. If you are seeking emergency accommodation, please click here for more information.

Employee Values

The Macarthur Accommodation System is a team of people working in different locations. As a team, there are certain values which we all agree are important. These values will help us work together and provide benefit and quality service to each other, our participants and their families. Our values are:

Team Work

  • Ensure all staff work together and support each other.
  • Individual differences should be respected.
  • Develop people to their full potential.


  • Be honest and open in communications within the bounds of confidentiality and privacy.
  • Be balanced in claiming credit for achievements.
  • Be prepared to exercise prudent judgement.
  • Be loyal to staff by honestly representing their contribution.


  • Empower all team members so they make decisions which affect their work or about which they have special knowledge and expertise.
  • Learn from mistakes and adopt a continuous improvement approach.
  • Accept responsibility and accountability for decisions in order to build a supportive achievement oriented culture.


  • Consider participants in the way we deliver of our services.
  • Promote productive working relationships with other agencies which contribute to the delivery of a quality service.
  • Deal sensitively with people.


  • Treat people in a consistent and fair manner.

Privacy and Confidentiality

  • Take responsibility for the legal and ethical obligations regarding privacy and confidentiality in respect of staff, participants and their families.
  • Only relevant information is to be discussed to ensure proper flow-on of communication.
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