MAS is not a provider of emergency accommodation. If you are seeking emergency accommodation, please click here for more information.



Department of Family and Community Services

National Disability Insurance Scheme

  • ACSN Inc is funded by NDIS

Housing NSW

  • Housing partner

National Disability Services – NDS

  • National and State Peak Body for disability services.
  • MAS has been a member of NDS for over 20 years.
  • NDS photo shoot in 2011 – photos still being used in training, conference and annual report publications.
  • MAS is a member of NDS Subcommittees – Ageing and disability Subcommittee and the Accommodation Subcommittee.

Disability Safe

  • Disability Safe is a subsidiary of NDS and focuses on the WHS issues of the industry.
  • MAS residents have been featured in WHS training videos and manuals for Disability Safe.

Care Careers

Argyle Community Housing

  • Community Housing partner

Macarthur Disability Network

  • Run from MDS the Disability Network meets 6 weekly to discuss the changing environment of the disability sector.
  • MAS is a member of the MDN and has presented at meetings.

Sector Connect

  • Sector Connect is a regional Peak Body representing not for profit organisations in the Macarthur and Wingecarribee regions. The region covers the four local government areas of Camden, Campbelltown, Wingecarribee and Wollondilly.
  • MAS is a member of Sector connect and attends meetings, training and forums.

Macarthur Regional Partners

Macarthur Disability Services

  • Residents of MAS attend day program activities at MDS on weekdays.
  • MAS uses MDS Training to facilitate training for MAS staff.
  • The two organisations share information and network regularly.
  • MAS uses the new MDS Arts Centre each week for dance exercise and holds major events at the MDS Arts Centre.

Myrtle Cottage 

  • Residents of MAS attend day program activities at Myrtle Cottage on weekdays.
  • Our two organisations share information and network regularly.

Disability Macarthur

  • Previously known as Macarthur Temporary Family Care.
  • Residents of MAS are involved in the Peer Support Program’s biannual Ball.
  • The two organisations share information and network regularly.

Macarthur Community Options

  • Macarthur Community Options is a case Management service run through Campbelltown Council.
  • Macarthur Accommodation System has taken referrals from Macarthur Community Options and often work collaboratively.


  • The Northcott Society is a disability service that provides a range of supports to people with a range of disabilities.
  • Macarthur Accommodation System has a funding partnership with Northcott.


  • The Australian Foundation for Disabilities provide a range of supports to people with disabilities.
  • A number of the residents who live with Macarthur Accommodation System attend supported employment with Afford.

Macarthur Respite Care

  • MAS uses Macarthur Respite Care to fill casual staff vacancies as needed.
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