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Drop-In Support

The team at Macarthur Accommodation System specialises in tailoring an individual’s support to their needs. Whether support is needed in a family home environment or in a supported residential home managed by Macarthur Accommodation System, staff members are trained to provide exactly what is needed. Drop – In support can encompass Social Education in independent life skills, domestic assistance, financial assistance, medication management and community involvement. Drop – In support can also be tailored to meet changing needs of an individual as they age to reflect support strategies rather than education and learning.

Currently, Drop – In support provided by Macarthur Accommodation System is funded by the NDIS. Between July 2016 and July 2018, New South Wales as a whole, will be transitioning to the federally funded National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Individualised funding under the NDIS is still in the trial phase throughout Australia, including the funding model.

Current residents of Macarthur Accommodation System have staff supports for a range of different needs. Some residents require minimal support from staff and receive help in domestic assistance and budget and banking support. Other residents receive nightly support for a few hours to ensure that they are on track with their personal medical routines, domestic assistance, some personal care and financial support.

The residents of Macarthur Accommodation System have such wonderful support that this has been recognised by National Disability Services (NDS). In November 2011, the residents and staff were photographed by NDS with the intent of these photos being used in NDS publications, submissions, training documents and at NDS conferences.

On 30th April 2014, the residents and staff were filmed by Susan Smith and her team from Disability Safe. Disability Safe is a specialised disability Work Health and Safety project run by NDS. The residents and staff were filmed for WHS e-learning videos and publications in food safety, infection control, first Aid and medication administration.

Recently a representative of our funding body was quoted as saying “Macarthur Accommodation System is a boutique service” given that throughout our 30 years of operation staff have catered not only to resident’s accommodation needs but to their lives as a whole. The Service has always taken a holistic approach to the care and support of a resident and has ensured the resident was and is always at the centre of the decision making process. Regular family input is invited and respected to ensure that the resident’s cultural, emotional, social and spiritual needs are also met.

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